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We offer you a wide range of Domestic Solar products

Products for Residential

We offer our clients a wide range of solar water heaters, that are affordable, use free solar energy and are available in FPC and ETC both. The price of these Solar water heaters is very attractive for home owners.

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Some of our Solar solutions for the industry

Solution for Commerce & Industry

NRG provides customized solar water heating solutions for Hostels, Hospitals, Hotels, Guest Houses, Canteens, Pre-heating of boiler feed water, Industry etc.

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Solar air heating and drying solutions

Solar Dryer Solution

NRG is one of the few companies who address the niche field of Solar drying and Solar hot air generation. This is particularly for drying of fruits & vegetables, fish, mushrooms, spirulena etc

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Solar Water Heaters, Solar Dryers, Solar Hot Air systems

All Solar Thermal Solution

We provide Solar water and air heating solutions for all kinds of clients, right from the domestic end user, to commercial establishments to Industrial Applications..

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Solar Power Packs, Home Lighting, Solar Street Lighting

All Solar Lighting Solution

NRG offers you the best Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) / Solar Lighting products for a variety of uses. You may choose from Solar power packs for homes/commercial/industry orSolar street lightsor Solar Home lighting systems

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NRG undertakes projects large MW size solar power plants

Solar Power Plant Solution

NRG also undertakes Large Solar Power Plant projects under EPC or Installation, as per client needs and requirements..

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