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Distance on the 28th of this month's trade deadline is getting closer, a few years ago the trade deadline are relatively flat, but this season there is Percy cheap jerseys china - Hal Man (Percy Harvin) trading as the beginning of this year the situation may have to Interestingly, more than in previous years. Therefore, the official website of NFL writers who summed up the potential big deal as six loved the talk, let's take a look. 1. Johnny - Man Zeer (Johnny Manziel) to the New York Jets? Cleveland coach Mike Brown - Petting (Mike Pettine) has made it clear that Brian - Heuer (Brian Hoyer) will continue to serve as the team's starting quarterback can not be protected position in the squad. The Jets have been here for Keno - Smith (Geno Smith) intolerable, if the Jets are willing to pay a second-round draft picks, Brown believes it is willing to deal, not only to make up for the loss of Brown, but also to maximize the stability of the military, so Huo Yell to cheap replica jerseys china concentrate more on the game field. 2. Mark - Ingram (Mark Ingram) to the Dallas Cowboys? Dallas Cowboys 6-1 currently ranked first name of the League of Nations, the greatest hero than the star running back Demark - Murray (DeMarco Murray), but there are a lot of people questioned the use of denim for Murray too often, Murray is now There might break - Larry Johnson (Larry Johnson) hit in 2007 rushed the ball 416 times the number of cheap nfl jerseys china authentic records. So Cowboys needed a strong running back as Murray's replacement, had been on the Buffalo Bills running back cowboy CJ- Spiller (CJSpiller) intention, but last week's game Spiller clavicle fracture, the earliest To wait until the sixteenth week to play. So New Orleans Saints running back Mark - Ingram became the target of most interest cowboy. Ingram doing well this season, has just returned from injury to play the game, if you can use a middle cowboy picks in exchange for Ingram, they will further enhance ground offensive, more importantly, Murray can get enough rest. 3.

Vincent Jackson - (Vincent Jackson) to the Kansas City Chiefs? After the victory over the San Diego Chargers Chiefs successfully compete for places in the ranks of the playoffs, they need reinforcement to ensure they're not left behind in the fierce competition. Chiefs wide receiver group is now almost no contribution, the so-called top wide receiver Dwayne - Bowie (Dwayne Bowe) completely failed and quarterback Alex - Smith (Alex Smith) to generate understanding, Smith is almost in fully take running back when the case took over the leadership of the team a place in the American League. Stars in exchange for a large external attack to solve the plight of the Emirates is very effective, Vincent Jackson - is a perfect cheap jerseys online free shipping choice. Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season has been basically hopeless, but they tend to train rookie wide receiver Mike - Evans (Mike Evans), if the Chiefs can pick out more than the words, Pirates difficult to withstand the temptation.

4. Andre - Johnson (Andre Johnson) to the Seattle Seahawks? Seattle Seahawks tight end cheap wholesale jerseys has been seeking to improve the efficiency of the red zone offense, before they attempted to Percy - Hal Man (Percy Harvin) to exchange the Denver Broncos Julius - Thomas (Julius Thomas) or Cleveland Brown Jordan - Cameron (Jordan Cameron), but unfortunately these two are not for sale, the Seahawks did not succeed. Now turning to put the Seahawks wide receiver for the supplement, so back to the red crown of track. Houston Texans star wide receiver Andre - Johnson-year contract this season, but the team quarterback Ryan - Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) mediocre performance so Johnson can not fully display his ability, early in the offseason When Johnson because the team had to seek reinforcements dissatisfaction transaction, if we can go to the Seahawks, I believe in Russell Johnson - revitalize Wilson (Russell Wilson) side.

Professional online store for cheap soccer jerseys Soaking Up Summer Fun Welcome to "Eight in the Box," a new NFL Nation feature that will appear each Friday during the offseason. This week's topic: Which free agent is essential for each team to keep from its 2012 roster?Houston Texans: Free safety Glover Quin.

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