Various Solar Air Heating and Solar Dryer solutions

Over the years we have worked hard on the research and development to provide you with customized Solar Dryers and Solar Air Heating systems for various applications such as drying of fruits and vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, potatoes, mango, amla, ayurvedic herbs, candy bars etc. We also provide customized solutions for niche products such as drying of handmade paper, spirulena, ayurvedic herbs, mushrooms etc. For Industries we provide solutions for process heat by providing hot air generated by Solar.

Solar Fish Dryer

NRG provides customized solutions for Fish drying using Solar dryers of various capacities. It is typically used for drying Fish, Bombay Duck, Pomfret, Anchioves, Prawns, Shrimps etc


Fruits & Vegetables Solar Dryer

A major section of the Food processing industry deals with drying of agricultural products for better preservation, long term storage and exports. Solar Drying provides a very suitable and economical way of drying various fruits and vegetables.


Fruits & Vegetable Solar Dryer

Dehydration of Fruits and vegetables plant at Nashik, India – This facility was set up to demonstrate to farmers the advantages of using solar to process and store their produce.

NRG Solar Dryer for Silkworm

Solar Hot Air Generation for Industry & Space heating

Solar Air heating systems can provide pre-heated air for various processes. This can reduce consumption of diesel and gas which is traditionally used for heating of air.

NRG Solar Laundry Dryer

Solar Laundry Dryer

We have also provided a customized solution for drying clothes using Solar Energy. This solar based laundry is for the Indian Army located in the North East part of India.

NRG Solar LED Spirulena Dryer


We came across this unique requirement to dry Spirulena, which is a sort of algae, but supposedly a good source of protein and other nutrients. NRG has successfully demonstrated drying of typically niche products like Spirulena for clients who have very specific requirements.

Did You Know?

Solar energy can also be used to heat swimming pools, power cars, for attic fans, calculators and other small appliances. It produces lighting for indoors or outdoors. • You can even cook food with solar energy.