Why Choose NRG?

– All our systems are designed by Dr. Narendra Yardi (PhD. I.I.T, Bombay), a well known technocrat in the field of Solar Energy, not just any engineer.
– our designs are hence superior in many ways.
– In addition to this, our Solar Collectors are ISI marked.
– We are registered manufacturers with a lot of Govt Agencies, so that you can take the benefit of any Govt subsidy or scheme available.
– NRG has a great dealer network to serve you better.
– We offer a solid 1 year warranty on our products.

Talk to an NRG Sales Representative or NRG Dealer. Ask him the following questions :

– Current subsidies, loans, schemes available?
– If you are eligible for those subsidies and schemes.
– When do the subsidies end? (Govt. schemes dont run forever – so its best to buy before the subsidy gets over).
– If there is a likely possibility of a subsidy, scheme coming into force in the near future.
– Based on these make your decision on when is the best time to buy a Solar Geyser.