We have well established testing facilities for manufacturing Solar Flat plate Collectors as required by BIS standards and have obtained ISI mark for the solar collectors manufactured by us (License No. CML-7194983).

We are also registered as approved solar manufacturers for solar flat plate collectors with the following national and state agencies :

1. IREDA – Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency

2. MNES – Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
3. GEDA – Gujarat Energy Development Agency
4. MPUVN – MP Urja Vikas Nigam etc
5. MEDA – Maharasthra Energy Development Agency
6. BIS – Bureau of Indian Standards


We have established detailed written procedures for all our operations as required by ISO 9001:2000 and have been certified for compliance to the requirements by JAS – ANZ ( Joint Accreditation system of Australia and New Zealand )( Certification No. 98714.02 )

Did You Know?

Third world countries with an abundance of sunlight and a population currently without electricity, represents the fastest growing market for solar energy, with the largest domestic market being the utilities sector.