We operate from our own spacious premises in an Industrial Estate in Vadodara. We have established complete facilities for production, testing and servicing of solar devices.

Sheet Metal Shop : This is where we carry out the marking, shearing and bending of the tank outers, collector boxes etc.

Light Fabrication Shop : Welding of our Copper tanks, Stainless Steel tanks and Aluminium Collectors are carried out here. Modern Argon Welding facility is used to weld the SS tanks, while the Copper tanks are welded using Oxy-Acetylene welding facility. A constant check is maintained in order to keep the tanks and collectors within conformance limits.

Heavy Fabrication Shop : The thick, high capacity Industrial tanks are manufactured here. These are manufactured from MS , SS 304, SS 316 etc depending on the specifications of the customer.

Pre-Treatment Plant : It’s a 7 stage solar powered treatment plant, this process is carried out before powder coating operation to remove all traces of dirt, rust and oil so that you get a high quality powder coated surface which lasts for a long time.

Powder Coating Plant : We carry out powder coating in a special dust free chamber, using the latest electronic powder coating machine. This enables us to give you clean, scratch-resistant coatings with unparalleled finish.

Baking Oven : A large Electronically Operated Powder Coating Oven is dedicated to the sole purpose of baking the freshly powder sprayed items at 250 degree Centigrade, so as to get a hard powdered coating which is tough and scratch resistant.

Testing Facilities :

Pressure testing :Each and every tank and collector manufactured by us is tested at higher than the usual operating pressures, so that you get completely leak proof collectors only.

Glass testing : We use the best possible Toughened Glass with a transmissivity of 0.85% or higher only, so as not to compromise on performance or strength. The transmissivity and toughness of the glass is tested prior to use.

Testing of our painted products : All the powdered coated collectors and tank outers are tested for paint quality and thickness, giving it the finish and the appeal you desire.

Testing of Rubber products : The rubber gaskets and flanges are tested at 120 degrees Centigrade to make sure that they don’t deform at high operating temperatures thus ensuring longer system life.

Testing of Pre-Treatment plant chemicals: Even the chemicals used for the pre-treatment before the powder coating are checked regularly for concentration and composition. Performance Test setup as per BIS guidelines and requirements to carry out in-house testing.

Did You Know?

Da Vinci predicted a solar industrialization as far back as 1447.