What is Solar Hot water System ?
What is Solar Collector ?
How does the Solar Collector work?
Why do the Solar Collectors face the south direction?
Why is the collector kept in an inclined position ?
How is the Solar Hot Water System specified ? What is LPD ?
How is the solar system capacity determined for a given requirement ?
What is forced flow (FF) System and what is Thermosyphon System (TS)?
What is FTC ?
Is it possible to get hot water early in morning ?
Can we get hot water all 24 hours of the day?
What happens during the monsoon season when it is raining and there is less sunshine?
Are temperatures similar to electronic geysers possible using Solar Geysers?
Can higher temperatures be obtained?
What is the amount of money that can be saved by installing a Solar Geyser?
What kind of maintenance is required?
What is the estimated life of a Solar Hot Water System?
Is it possible to integrate the Solar Hot water system into the design of my house?
Can we get a cheaper system in the market?
How much Light can a Solar lamp provide?
How long do these Solar lamps/lanterns operate at a stretch?
How many such solar lamps will be included in the SPV system?
Can we operate Fans, TV and refrigerator using the SPV system?
What happens during the monsoon season, when it is raining?
What is the maintenance required for the SPV system?
What is the maintenance required for the SPV system?
Why are SPV systems so expensive?