Hotel, Guest House managers will find Solar Water Heaters very useful as its the cheapest and most cost effective way of providing hot water to bathrooms for bathing purposes. It removes the necessity of having a large boiler that needs to be fired regularly or the need for a electric heater in every room which results in Huge electricity bills.

In contrast, Solar Hot Water systems provide hot water 24/7 much to the convenience of your customers as they get hot water throughout the day and even at night! No more messy boilers or big electricity bills staring you in the face.

If you own a Canteen, that serves several people, its cheaper to use Solar heated water for preparing tea as it saves a huge amount of LPG gas. Also, hot water is very effective in cleaning utensils (especially oily and greasy ones) and this gives you cleaner utensils in shorter time. Thus the use of solar heated water helps you keep your utensils more hygenic and also saves you on time.

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Plus, Solar Water heating system is just a one time investment – after that its FREE!!

Advantages of Solar Geysers for your Guest Houses

  • Hot water available 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • No Electricity bills in the future
  • No more messy oil/wood fired boilers – Clean Energy!
  • Negligible maintenance costs
  • Just one time investment
  • Quick Return on Investment (ROI) – just 3 years!
  • Pollution free & environmental friendly

Why NRG?

  • Renewable – Save on gas/electricity bill
  • Convenience – 24 X 7 Hot Water
  • ISI mark, GEDA, MNRE Approved
  • Tax benefit – 80% depreciation
  • Branded Quality Product
  • Service – Prompt & reliable

Did You Know?

Businesses can save 40% – 80% on electric or fuel bills by replacing their conventional water heater with a solar water heating system.