The sun is the source of all energy on earth. Therefore, using solar garden lights, lights powered by solar energy, to decorate our garden would be a wonderful idea. The advantages of solar garden lights are that they can be freely distributed in gardens without owners having to worry about cabling, solar garden lights also score high marks for their use of renewable energy and little or no emission of pollutants.

The problem with solar garden lights is that they tend to have only a small area of solar cells and a relatively modest battery capacity. The consequences of these shortcomings are that solar garden lights have a reputation for emitting a small amount of light for a short period of time. But the technology of solar cells and batteries is improving all the time and the current generation of solar garden lights is superior to the first generation of solar garden lights which damaged their reputation.

Technical Specifications

Why NRG?

  • Renewable – Save on gas/electricity bill
  • ISI mark, GEDA, MNRE Approved
  • Tax benefit – 80% depreciation
  • Branded Quality Product
  • Service – Prompt & reliable

Did You Know?

Effective drying is accomplished with a combination of heat and air movement.