We are also doing a project for the Indian Military for drying of clothes using solar energy in the mountainous terrain.

Some other unique solar drying projects that we have done are – drying of mushrooms, drying of silk cocoons, dehydration of handmade paper, baking of hand-printed cloth etc.

Advantages of Solar Laundry Dryer

Savings in time
Increased production possible
Less space requirement for drying
More hygenic than drying outside in the sun
Cost Effective
Negligible maintenance costs
Free and Clean energy
Just one time investment, after that the energy is Free!
Quick Return on Investment (ROI) – just 3 years

Why NRG?

  • Renewable – Save on gas/electricity bill
  • Convenience – 24 X 7 Hot Water
  • ISI mark, GEDA, MNRE Approved
  • Tax benefit – 80% depreciation
  • Branded Quality Product
  • Service – Prompt & reliable

Did You Know?

Solar dryer systems improve the quality of the product, while reducing wasted produce and traditional fuels.