Street Lights are ideal outdoor lighting options that are reliable and alternative to conventional lighting to provide lighting from dusk to dawn.

Each street light is powered by a solar module which converts sunlight into electricity during the day and charges the system’s built in battery. The LED lamp switches on automatically at dusk using battery power and switches off automatically at dawn. The equipment is rugged with weather – proof components providing long and consistent performance.

Advantages of Solar Geysers for your Guest Houses

  • Automatic Dusk to Dawn Operation – switches on and off automatically in the evening and mornings respectively
  • Free & renewable source of energy
  • Savings in electricity bills
  • Durable and reliable
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Handy & easy to operate
  • Provides light comparable with ordinary street light
  • Pollution free & environmental friendly

Why NRG?

  • Renewable – Save on gas/electricity bill
  • ISI mark, GEDA, MNRE Approved
  • Tax benefit – 80% depreciation
  • Branded Quality Product
  • Service – Prompt & reliable

Did You Know?

Businesses can save 40% – 80% on electric or fuel bills by replacing their conventional water heater with a solar water heating system.