Grid tied Solar Rooftop/ Solar power packs


Benefits of Grid tied Solar Rooftop/ Solar Power Packs

  • Guaranteed Performance

Solar panels come with a 20- to 25-year warranty (also known as a performance guarantee) on purchase. We at NRG guarantee 80% performance after 25 years.

  • Less heating

Solar rooftop panels placed on the roof reduce the overall temperature inside the building as the roof has an additional layer over it, shielding it from direct sunlight. This makes the cooling systems in large structures (malls, industrial sheds, etc.) more efficient.

  • Electricity price inflation

As coal and petroleum prices increase steadily every year, electricity prices jump up by as high as 30% for some sectors in the same period. In comparison, the price of electricity generated by your Solar panels holds steady at zero.

  • Accelerated depreciation in the 1st year of operation, enabling substantial tax benefits to the installer.

  • Returns of 14-18% without debt & short payback period of 6-7 years (with ~60% of cost recovered in first three years itself).

  • The benefit of going green and becoming more self-dependent at the same time.

Clients who can benefit using Solar Rooftop or Solar Power Pack

  • Residential Homes

  • Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes

  • Hotels and resorts

  • Hostels and canteens

  • Theme parks

  • Petrol pumps

  • Banks and ATMs

  • Shopping malls and showrooms

  • All manufacturers and factory owners

Why should you chose a solution offered by NRG for your Solar rooftop or Solar power pack

  • Comprehensive after-sales services

  • 30+ years of field experience

  • Expert team of qualified engineers

  • Free consultation survey

  • Well-designed products made from high grade materials

  • Professional approach

  • End to end solutions covering conceptualisation, installation, operation and maintenance.

  • Collaborations with premier national and international institutes.

The money saved on bills quickly cover the initial cost of a Solar Rooftop/ Solar  Power Pack. Ultimately, the more you use, the more you save!

Install a Solar Rooftop/ Solar Power Pack and let the sun power your business while you focus on what matters!

Currently for residential and Trusts, there is a capital subsidy available from MNRE and GEDA. Kindly get in touch with us for the same immediately!

Technical Specifications

Solar Panel : 1000W / 12V
Storage batteries Exide Make 12V, 1000 AH

Why NRG?

  • Renewable – Save on gas/electricity bill
  • ISI mark, GEDA, MNRE Approved
  • Tax benefit – 80% depreciation
  • Branded Quality Product
  • Service – Prompt & reliable

Did You Know?

A home solar system is typically made up of solar panels, an inverter, a battery, a charge controller, wiring and support structure.