Over the years we have worked hard on the research and development to provide you with quality Solar Geysers at affordable prices. We offer three different models, in order to meet everyone’s requirements and budgets. NRG also provides Solar Lighting Products such as solar lanterns, solar homelighting systems and solar power packs for your home. Our Biogeyser for heating water or the Solar Still for purifying brackish water are other products which we offer.

Products for Residential

Process Industry Boiler Preheating

“Process Industry” finds it economical to use Solar Power in the long run for LSHS Oil/Chemical Heating upto 85C, Boiler feedwater heating upto 95C, Heating of various process chemicals etc.

Furnace / LSHS heating

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Process Chemical Heating / Powder Coating

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Solar Concentrator for higher temprature

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Solar Desalination

Need pure, salt-free distilled water for your drinking needs? You need NRG’s “Solar Still”.

NRG Solar LED Street Lights

Solar Street Lights

Need outdoor lighting in a remote area with no electric grid? NRG offers the “Solar LED Street Lighting”, a self contained unit with automatic dawn to dusk operation!

NRG Solar LED Lights

LED Lights

LED Luminare (AC based)

Solar Power Packs

Solar Power Packs

Frequent Power Outages? We offer a complete solution with our “Solar Power Pack”, which is sufficient to run a portion of your home – just on Solar Power!

NRG Solar Garden Light

Solar Garden Light

The sun is the source of all energy on earth. Therefore, using solar garden lights, lights powered by solar energy, to decorate our garden would be a wonderful idea. The advantages of solar garden lights are that they can be freely distributed in gardens without owners having to worry about cabling, Solar garden lights also score high marks for their use of renewable energy and little or no emission of pollutants.

Fruits & Vegetable Dryer

Dhydration of Fruits and vegetables plant at Nashik, India – This facility was set up to demonstrate to farmers the advantages of using solar to process and store their produce.

Food Processing Solar Dryer

A major section of teh Food processing industry deals with drying of agricultural products for better preservation, long term storage and exports.

Fish Dryer

We have provided a 60 sq mtr collector area solar dryer for fish drying. In India, all the fish drying is carried out in the open sun – this takes a long time, causes contamination by dust and other pollutants and is unhygienic.

NRG Solar Dryer for Silkworm

Solar Dryer for SILKWORM

Are basically into making of colored mylar and artificial glitter. The raw material is aluminized mylar and this needs to be coated in different colors as per client requirements.


We came across this unique requirement to dry Spirulena, which is a sort of algae, but supposedly a good source of protein and other nutrients.

NRG Solar Laundry Dryer

Solar Laundry Dryer

We are also doing a project for the Indian Military for drying of clothes using solar energy in the mountainous terrain.

Did You Know?
Solar energy can also be used to heat swimming pools, power cars, for attic fans, calculators and other small appliances. It produces lighting for indoors or outdoors. • You can even cook food with solar energy.